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Name:mfu_delfloria's journal
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Welcome to Del Floria’s – your one-stop shop for all your rec needs. When we began talking about starting an on-line awards program, it became apparent fairly quickly that it wasn’t the answer to the problem we wanted to solve. There’s a real need for a way to spread the word about all the extremely creative folks who make up MFU fandom.

It was suggested that perhaps we needed a community just for recs. It would be a place to come to for reviews, to write them yourself, and to talk about the stories, vids and art that you love. It should be a place where everyone feels comfortable and their opinion is valued. That is our sincere hope for this community - that it be a place to read and comment, to find reviews and learn more about the writers, artists, vidders, icon and banner makers that are our fellow fans. A place for all of us interested in keeping this fandom alive, vital , and more importantly, ever growing.

This is a comm that won’t duplicate any of the other worthwhile MFU sites on LJ. It is for recs, story/vid/art discussions, and conversations with their creators. We don’t post the stories, art, or vids here, we link to them. The rules are few and easy to follow, the goal is to have you join in the fun. What could be simpler than that? Anyone can rec. Everyone is welcome!

So, come on in, let one of our helpful staff find a rec that is just right for you. And one nice thing about Del Floria’s – no sale is final and the price is always right!

How is this going to work?
Mods and members will be able to post recs for their favorite stories/vids/art/etc. You can comment on the recs, ask questions and discuss the recs.

What kind of a rec do you expect me to write?

That’s up to you. As long as you follow the guidelines below, you can write two sentences, or you can write two pages. Just tell us why you love this work. Make us want to read or see it!

Everyone is welcome to post recs, but please follow these few general rules:

1. No Flaming
People are sharing what they enjoy most with us. We appreciate thoughtful discussion of the works, but don’t allow negative comments about the fanwork or the author on the rec post. If you have criticism for the author, please be fair and make your comment to them directly.

Criticism about the comm itself is allowed and welcomed. If you have suggestions, critique, or questions about what we’re doing, please comment here.

2. No self reccing.

Meet your mods:

Welcome to Del Floria’s! My name is Spikesgirl and I’m one of the three moderators here. Some of you may know me from the Canteen. For anyone new, I started enjoying and writing MFU fiction back in 1980. I stumbled across a story in a multi-media zine (The Extraordinarily Discretion Affair by Susan Matthews). It was about four pages long and when I reached the end of it, I was madly intrigued. Mentioning it to my new husband, he took me by the hand and led me into the study, where he proudly showed me his MFU collection – oh, boy, talk about baptism by fire. A month later, at his urging, I wrote my first MFU story (The Romanian Affair). And the rest, as they say, is history. I’ve been writing and drawing ever since. We published the first all-MFU all–the-time zine (U is for UNCLE) later that year and for the next eleven years following.
Then, as is often the case, real life handed us a challenge and MFU was placed on the back burner. I was still writing fanfic (Batman, BtVS, along with MFU), but I no longer had the desire to go the zine route. I was tired and we won’t go into the other garbage surrounding that decision.
Then I discovered (thank you, Lisa) and took that first step towards on-line publishing. And for a couple of years, that was enough… then an e mail from St. Crispin urged me to join Live Journal. And things sort of exploded after that until we reach now… it’s been a wild ride and I’m sure we’re not at the end of it yet.
So, welcome to Del Floria’s – I hope it’s a place that you will enjoy coming and reccing some of your favorite fics, pieces of art, videos, icons, banners, in short, all the creative stuff that fans are so good with. Whether it’s to rec something you love or just find something new to enjoy, we are hoping that Del Floria’s will be your one-stop rec community.

Hi, my name is Sparky955 and it’s all my mother’s fault.

When I was 8 years old, I fell madly in love with Illya Kuryakin as portrayed by The Little Blond Guy.
One day, he was going to be on a daytime talk show & was going to be “singing”. I wanted to stay home from school to watch him…and my mom said no. So, you see, the return to fandom, MFU-centric, and the eBaying, and the zine-buying, and my addiction to online fic is all my mother’s fault. Really. I’m just making up for all those lost years wastefully spent getting educated.

I returned to MFU a few weeks after my husband died in 2007. I was online & remembered the first MFU fic I’d found by accident a couple of years ealier. I read it, then read another, then read another, then googled, then found LJ. Slowly, I’ve developed something I never had before – friends outside of work and an avocation not shared with my husband.

I’m not the person I thought I’d become when I was that 8 year old crying because I couldn’t stay home. I’m not living the life I thought I would. But, my life is rich with friends both in and outside of work…and I finally heard The Little Blond Guy sing. So, come along & share my fun.

Our banner is by the inimitable togsos

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